How Much Does a Hunt Cost?

Please contact to discuss options.
Trips start at $330 per person.

What can I expect?

We strive to make your trip the experience of a lifetime. Whether beginner or Avid Bowfisherman In Texas or Louisiana, We will tailor the trip to your exact needs.

What do I need?

You will need a valid Texas fishing license. You will be required to sign a waiver. Your are welcome to bring your own equipment but we have right/left handed compounds with AMS retriever reels at your disposal! Please specify how many left and right-handed hunters so we can bring the correct equipment. You have to provide your own meals. We also recommend that you bring: gloves (baseball gloves will do fine), quality polarized glasses (do not skimp here), sun screen, and if you are allergic to any insects please let your guide know and bring an epy pen.

What’s the hunt like?

We prefer to hunt at night with a warm up on smaller species for the first couple of hours. We will then spend the rest of the night pursuing the most formidable predator in fresh water, the Alligator Gar! These fish are extremely tough and it is not uncommon for arrows to simply bounce off! Proper arrow placement and adhering to the guides instruction will definitely improve your odds! For the last four years, we enjoyed a 95% shot opportunity ratio on Trophy Alligator Gar!

How should I choose a bowfishing guide?

The best question of all! Dont be afraid to ask alot of questions. Do alot of research. Ask for referrals. Call the manufacturers and see who they recommend! A professional guide does nothing else, so beware of part timers looking to make an extra buck. Compare websites and the quality of fish taken by “customers”! Many of the fish you see on competitors websites were taken by the guides and their buddies.

Most important, guides that routinely boat large fish for their customers have of an intimate knowledge of a select few bodies of water! Beware of claims to know where big fish are all over the state! This should send up red flags immedately! Would you hire a Falcon Lake bass guide to take you stiper fishing on Texoma?

A guide is only as good as his last trip. Don’t be afraid to ask for recent pictures w/dates. Also, ask for stats. What are the odds for success? What is the average number of fish seen/taken? A good guide will also take into account the experience level in the boat and tailor the trip to the hunters! Dont forget to take the boat into account. Especially if you have a big group of hunters. A big boat is a stable and comfortable boat.

Please feel free to call us with any questions. We at Extreme Bowfishing look forward to seeing you on the water.