We drove 1400 miles to spend a few days on a hunt with Cody! I can tell you this, it's by far the best bow fishing I have ever had! Cody is a great stand-up guy and knows how these fish move and does everything in his power to get them in the boat, as long as you do your part. Our group missed a few 7+ foot fish, that Cody put us on, but we couldn't make it happen. But we will be going again, and EXTREME BOWFISHING is the only place we are going!
Alan Spaans
Out of all the guides I have fished with in Texas, Extreme Bowfishing is by far the best! No one else is close! The customer experience is exceptional. Your knowledge of the water and fish was very impressive. And your concern that the hunt be a success was refreshing. Some guides are clearly just in it to see how many trips they can make in a day. You spent the time to ensure we caught our fill, and had the hunt of our lives. Thanks for a truly awesome experience!
Bill Edgel
For pure bowhunting adrenalin nothing can match a hunt on the waters of South Texas with Extreme Bowfishing…The boat, equipment, and expertise are top-of-the-line. Whether you are chasing giant Alligator Gar, Buffalo, or other aquatic targets at night or on a daytime adventure, Extreme Bowfishing will get you into trophy fish.
Joe Blake
Bowhunter Magazine Staff Writer
Extreme Bowfishing’ is appropriately named – after two hunts, I can honestly say that I can’t wait to go back. What an incredible experience! Extreme did a great job of accomodating for my 3 daughters and I on one hunt, and they still talk about the adventure. They provided plenty of opportunities on big fish, and the numbers were almost staggering. If you are looking for a memorable bowfishing adventure on one of the most advanced bowfishing boats in the world, look no further – Extreme Bowfishing is second to none.
Nick Stafford
Cabela’s Infrastructure Systems Project Manager
I’m a return customer of Extreme’s for the last 4 years, and in 4 years we have boated 8 gar 7′ long or better. We have had numerous chances to bring in more than that. Nothing more exciting than fighting a 200 plus pound alligator gar, and if anyone can put you on a big fish, its Extreme! This is why I come back year after year. If you want an opportunity to fight and boat a BIG fish, then Extreme Bow Fishing is for you! Thanks for all the good times, and see you next year!
J. Bryce Dugger
Cody and I and the rest of the gang had a blast, even though we missed that seven footer, we know he is out there, that’s why there is a next time. We have the day fishing in the river complete, we are working on the night segment now. We will get you a copy and let you know when it will air nation wide and local. Thanks again Until next time……..On the water……..In the Woods……
Cody Easom
The pictures were great and everybody was impressed. The evening was a great trip and we can’t wait to go again. One of the neighbors might even want to go too; we’ll see. Any way just want to say I haven’t run across anyone who did a better job of showing what a professional guide should be like and I’m grateful Debbie got to experience that.
Joe Smith
My hands are cut, blistered and sore; my eyes are blood shot from lack of sleep, and I’m tired-to-the-bone but I can’t wipe the smile off my face.  On behalf of Hank, Si, Zach and myself, thanks so much for making possible such a great memory! We all had a blast, and are already planning our next trip. It’s not a matter of if, but when! I can highly recommend your service to the father of any teenager as an option to staying up all night playing video games or other activities. We can’t wait for the video. We’ll be in touch.
George Bokorney