Extreme Bowfishing is the premiere outfitter for aquatic bow hunts in South Texas!

We specialize in trophy alligator gar as you can see, but we also hunt talapia, carp, buffalo, and all the various species of gar.

All of our guides are experienced and adept at fighting and boating monster fish. NO ONE does it better!

We offer on-the-water instruction for beginners so everyone gets fish! And for you experts, there is no thrill like fighting a fish that can pull a twenty foot boat!

Snacks, drinks, and state of the art equipment is provided at no additional cost!

Hunts are eight hours unless otherwise specified and can be day, night, or both.

We hunt anywhere in Central and South Texas, your choice or ours! Book early for the best dates this spring!

cgl1.jpgVideography with professional grade equipment is available for $250! You will recieve an edited dvd of your adventure to share with your friends!

Our Mission

“Our mission is to expand the great sport of bowfishing. We need to get people of all ages involved in our sport, especially women and kids! We need to be smart about how we portray ourselves and our harvests in public! We need to educate the public about the benefits of our sport any opportunity we get. We believe education, proper exposure, and involving the youth are the keys to growing our sport. But most importantly, We want your experience with us to be unforgettable!”