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Recent photos

Offering Hog Hunts

Offering Hog Hunts
Extreme Bowfishing is now offering archery, helicopter and rifle hog hunts in Texas. Prices starting at $150 per day. Can be bundled with your Bowfishing trip. Give us a call for details.

Why Choose Extreme

Trophy Gar

We would love to take you bowfishing for some of the largest fish known to exist in fresh water, the Alligator Gar! We have been bowfishing for 26 years and take pride in making sure that you have the Texas Bowfishing trip of a lifetime!

Our bow fishing guides deliver more shot opportunities on big Gar than any other guide service in the state! We specialize in Trophy Alligator Gar, and all of our bowfishing guides are experienced and adept at boating monster fish! No one does it better!

Our Customers Hold the Records

Our customers have surpassed every water body record on every lake we fish!

Please note that the pictures you see on this website are of customers and their fish! All trophy fish records are held by customers, not by the guides!


We offer on-the-water instruction for beginners so everyone gets fish! Kids, women, even you tough guys!

We have the equipment, patience and experience to make sure everyone has a great time.

And for you experts, there is no thrill like fighting a fish that can pull a twenty foot boat!

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Extreme Bowfishing Packages

Our charters are all inclusive and include equipment, fish cleaning, drinks and snacks. There are NO hidden fees such as gas surcharges or trophy fees! There is a maximum of four hunters per boat. Hunts can be day, night or both. Trips can be extended at customers request! We hunt anywhere in Central and South Texas, your choice or mine!

 Multiple Species 3 Hour Trip

3 hours of excitement for $400 with up to 2 shooters
This trip will not give us any opportunity for alligator gar however we will target species including buffalo, spotted gar, tilapia , plecostomus, grass carp, needle nose gar, short nose gar, common carp, mirror carp, grass carp, etc.

 Multiple Species 4 Hour Trip

4 hours of excitement for $650 with up to 4 shooters
Additional shooters are $100 each
This trip will not give us any opportunity for alligator gar however we will target species including buffalo, spotted gar, tilapia , plecostomus, grass carp, needle nose gar, short nose gar, common carp, mirror carp, grass carp, etc.

Alligator Gar/Multiple Species Trip

6 hours of excitement for $1000, up to 4 shooters included. 
Additional shooters are $200 each. 

I recommend this trip for families and beginner bow fisherman as it gives you the time to become proficient with your equipment. We will target species such as buffalo, spotted gar, tilapia, plecostomus, grass carp, needle nose gar, short nose gar, common carp, mirror carp, grass carp etc. We will also have a very good chance at taking a Giant ALLIGATOR GAR.

Alligator Gar Trophy Trip

8 hour days $1200 per day, includes 4 shooters, additional shooters are $250 per person
3 days will guarantee opportunity at 6ft+ alligator gar. Single days may be purchased. 

This hunt is only for the serious sportsman and trophy hunter we will endure long days of selective shooting with only a true MONSTER 6-8ft alligator gar in our sights taxidermy arrangements can be set up as well as transportation.

Alligator Gar Trophy 3-Day Inclusive Package

$3500 for three 8 hour days targeting trophy alligator gar, includes up to 4 shooters
Guaranteed opportunity at 6ft+ trophy alligator gar
Alligator gar head mount included
Additional shooters are $200 per day

This is our biggest hunt ever! Three full days only of tracking and hunting MASSIVE 6-8ft alligator gar, with head mount included for your trophy!

New Hunts Now Available

We are now offering 4-hour Saltwater trips Flounder, Sheepshead, blackdrum, and stingray trips.
Prices vary on time of year please contact us for pricing.

Night vision and thermal Vision Hog hunts

4-hour hunt. Prices starting at $350 per person. 
guns, optics, and ammunition included.

Helicopter Hog Hunts

Pricing dependent on time of year and hours purchased. Hunts start at $1350 per hour.
Guns and ammo included.

Credit Cards Accepted



  • Drove from Missouri to bow fish with Cody and it was well worth it. Three 6 foot + fish in the boat in 1 day!! Cody put on huge Alligator Gar constantly. We all had lots of shot opportunities! Cody knows where the fish are!! We missed a 200 pound fish in the first hour. They aren't just rolling; we had lots of easy shots. Cody knows how to get it done! We are already planning our next trip with Cody. I wouldn't go with anyone else now that I've seen Cody's knowledge of these fish. If you're thinking about booking with Cody, you won't be disappointed!!
    Bob Deeter
  • Cody was awesome and we slaughtered fish. He was upfront about conditions but knew the water body well. We booked on very short notice and he was very accommodating. We'll book again!
    John Williams
  • A group of four of us went out with Cody last weekend. Cody had some great spots and really put us on the fish. We ended up with several large 4'+ needlenose. We passed hundreds of small spotted and needlenose gar trying to find the big one and it paid off with a 6'6" alligator gar. We missed several others, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. I'd recommend Cody with Extreme Bowfishing to anyone looking for a good time out on the water. Thanks again Cody! Looking forward to our next trip.
    Allen Ingram
  • We drove 1400 miles to spend a few days on a hunt with Cody! I can tell you this, it's by far the best bow fishing I have ever had! Cody is a great stand-up guy and knows how these fish move and does everything in his power to get them in the boat, as long as you do your part. Our group missed a few 7+ foot fish, that Cody put us on, but we couldn't make it happen. But we will be going again, and EXTREME BOWFISHING is the only place we are going!
    Alan Spaans

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We have been bowfishing for 26 years and have more experience than just about anyone! We take pride in making sure that you have the Texas Bowfishing trip of a liftime!
Trophy Alligator Gar
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